So Much to Be Grateful For

It has been wonderful to experience the sights and sounds of school being back in session following two weeks of uncertainty related to the recent fires.  While we are grateful that the FCS family was largely unaffected by the fires, some of us did experience damage and evacuations.  These events were a somber reminder of what really matters in our lives. Our prayers of thanksgiving are matched by prayers for hope, resources and recovery for all of those directly affected. 

We are also thankful for the immediate and ongoing actions of the many response teams who came from near and far to help our community and surrounding region. Many of these heroes are very close to us, and our love and appreciation for them cannot be fully expressed in a simple blog post.  We will have the opportunity to thank many First Responders directly during Chapel on Wednesday, November 8th, from 8:30-9:00am. Many of our local First Responders will be in attendance, and we encourage everyone to come and express gratitude.

We would also like to express our appreciation to FCS parents and staff for their patience and understanding during a very uncertain time.  We know that schedules were thrown into disarray, and are grateful for the many people and businesses who stepped in to help keep our children safe, active and entertained during the school closure period.  We also appreciate our parents’ collective understanding as we cancelled parent/teacher conferences to give us extra school time this year.  Progress reports were put in parent boxes last week, so please check your family box in the Front Office if you haven’t received these reports.

As things get somewhat back to normal, we will be in touch regarding upcoming events. This includes the re-scheduled State of the School meeting on Wednesday, November 8th at 6:30pm, Christmas programs and special giving opportunities related to local relief efforts.

On a happy note, we released a new school video this past week. This is a wonderful example of what we've all come to love about First Christian School, and we encourage you to share it with as many people as possible.

Thanks again for your prayers, patience and partnership.