Summer water play and safety tips!

Summer and hot weather are right around the corner! Our Pre-K kids have already enjoyed a water play day (see pictures in blog). Below are some fun water play ideas to keep the kids entertained and cool. We've also included water safety tips so the fun won't be interrupted!

Water Play:

  • Dinosaur Ice Excavation: Freeze plastic dino toys in a large dish tub full of water. Kids can excavate toys from the ice using syringes of salt water, hand heat, and other play tools.
  • Window Water Art: Allow kids to create washable art on sliding glass doors and low set outdoor windows using paint brushes, foam bath letters, foaming soap and a bowl of water. After painting they can squeegee windows off to leave them clean and streak free.
  • Ocean Play-scape: Fill a large shallow bin with water and let kids make an under the sea scene using smooth stones, fish tank plants, shells, plastic ocean animals and bath boats. Kids can spend hours using imaginative play to recreate favorite movie scenes and other ocean fun.
  • Laundry Play: Put sudsy water in a large container and supply kids with various doll clothes and wash clothes. After washing the items they should rinse them in a container of clean water and then hang them up using a piece of rope strung between two trees or poles and clothes pins.
  • Baby Bath Station: Help children develop their nurturing instincts as they bathe and clean their hard bodied plastic baby dolls and figurines. Add old toothbrushes to allow them to care for their babies' teeth.
  • Muddy Car Wash: Let the kids enjoy a muddy car play period to prepare for this fun activity. Following mud play have them funnel their Hot Wheels and Tonka Trucks through the soapy car wash.
  • Chalk Watercolor Painting: Have kids color pictures and designs onto the sidewalk/driveway. After pictures are complete they can flood the drawing with water using large house painting brushes. The water will add a soft watercolor effect to the design.

Water Safety Tips:

  • Keep children within arms reach then they are near any exposed water. Children can easily drown in five centimeters of water!
  • Enroll kids in swimming lessons with an emphasis on water safety skills
  • Empty water play containers immediately after use
  • If you have to leave the area to take a phone call or answer the door, take children with you
  • Do not leave older children in charge of supervising younger siblings during water play or bathing
  • Enroll in a CPR/First Aid class so you are trained and prepared in case the unthinkable happens