Finish Strong: Helping your child succeed academically after Spring Break

Spring Break is over and we are in a dead sprint to the end of the year! Give your child the tools they need to succeed academically by asking the following questions:

1) What is your current grade? (Know where you are; communicate with your teachers)

2) How many assignments are left in the semester? (Ask teachers)

3) How many absences do you have and how are they affecting your grade? Have you completed all assignments that you are missing?

4) Are there opportunities for extra credit? (Take advantage of them!)

5) Any projects that should be started now? (Don't procrastinate on big items!)

6) Are final tests cumulative? Will you receive study guides?

7) Are there any assignments that you can/should resubmit or make-up? (It doesn't hurt to ask)

8) What is your goal for each class (A, B, C...) Be realistic in your expectations for yourself.

Thank you for partnering with your child to ensure their academic excellence! We appreciate all you do to help your child succeed!