End of the Year Teacher Gift Ideas

With only SEVEN school days left in the 2015-2016 School Year end of year teacher appreciation gifts are on everyone's mind! Step up your gift giving game with these fun and manageable gift ideas!

1. Scrip Bouquet


Easy to assemble using a fun mug or flower pot, this gift also helps your family reach your Scrip Goal! See Teacher Wish Lists at the Front Desk


2) Class Scrapbook

Put together a fun collection of photos for your teacher to look back on all of the memories made with your class.


3) Thumb Print Art


Thumb art is fun and personal! You can decorate almost anything with the thumb prints of all the students in your class! What a fun reminder of the students whose lives were touched by a wonderful educator!


We hope these ideas were helpful! Our teachers work so hard to nurture and educate our students! Let's celebrate and honor them!