My Gift to the World entries


Three of our very own First Christian School 5th graders were published in the Jan 4th, 2016 edition of the Napa Register. The question they answered was "If you could give the whole world a gift, what would it be? Why this gift?" Please read their entries below! We are so proud of them for their submissions!

"What I would give the whole world is a way for people to not get injured in battle. I would make a way to have war where no one dies. Like, wouldn't that be nice, no guns to injure others. No bombs to destroy the world. No armies in armor. A peaceful way to have a battle. Instead of war, people could have an athletic battle or a knowledge battle. Some way where no one loses their loved ones. That would be the gift I would give to the whole world; a way to fight without blood and death." - Wyntress Mehelis

"If I could give the whole world a gift, I would give the gift of Christ. Many people are not believers, so it would be nice if everyone could believe in Christ and go to heaven. To be saved you must accept Jesus into your life and believe that He died on the cross to forgive our sins. It would mean a lot to me if everyone could believe. If everyone could go to heaven to live with him it would mean so much to me." - Shane McGrath

"If I were to give a gift to the world it would be clean fresh running water. Now if everyone has clean running water my other gift would be food so that no one else would starve to death. I would start a charity to give fresh water and food. The idea came from thinking about what people don't have so I came up with the idea to have a donation of food and water. These are the gifts I would like to give the world." - Jonah Crane 

Make sure you congratulate these three for being published in the newspaper!