It's Just a Phase, So Don't Miss It: Zero to One


The phase where nobody sleeps, everybody smells, and one mesmerizing baby convinces you, "I need you now!"

The "I Need you Now" Phase - 

Wants to know: Am I safe?

The Goal: Establish trust

Embrace: Their physical needs so they can know God's love and meet God's Family

936 Weeks to High School Graduation


Every week we will feature a "phase" from the Just a Phase website. We will walk through all of the phases of childhood from birth to high school graduation. These phases will help us to remember why we as parents do what we do! Even the hard phases have a purpose! God has designed parents to be the single greatest influence on their children's lives! At First Christian School and Church we want to partner with parents to bring about God's greatest purpose in the lives of their children; to know and love Him and to be a part of His Family! 

Think of the Family as RED for Love and the Church as YELLOW for Light. Together the love of the Family and the light of the Church work together to create the ORANGE Strategy. For more info on thinking ORANGE please visit the FCC Kids Ministry Page.