Christmas Break Activities for the whole family

Christmas Break is here! Enjoy time as a family with these fun activities.

  • Movie night - snuggle down under the covers, pop some popcorn and enjoy a fabulous family Christmas or winter themed movie!

  • Make your own snow globe - this fun and simple craft makes an adorable decoration or handmade gift!

  • Bake and decorate cookies - then share them with the neighbors! What better way to share the love of Christ than with tasty treats!

  • Take a hike - Napa is full of beautiful places to enjoy during the winter months! Hike up Westwood Hills and enjoy the view. Take your furry family members to Alston Park. Enjoy a bike ride on the Vine Trail.

  • Puddle jump - take advantage of the wet weather and get ready to JUMP! Then come back inside for a warm bath and hot chocolate.

  • Ice Skating - enjoy this classic winter sport under the stars for extra fun!

  • Check out Christmas lights - there are so many wonderful light displays throughout the city! Get hot chocolate to go and load up into the car. Consider caroling with friends at the extra festive homes!

  • Organize and donate toys/clothes - clear out clothes and toys that have been outgrown and take a special trip to donate them to those in need. Salvation Army, Church Women’s United and Expressions of Hope are great organizations that do so much for our local community!

  • Read a book or book series together – then watch the movies. So many book series are being made into movies and TV shows! Find a series you enjoy and read the books and finish by watching the movie or show! Compare the two and see how they are different or similar.

  • Enjoy fun local activities for families -

We hope your break is beautiful time celebrating the birth of Jesus! We hope these suggestions make your time even more enjoyable!