New School Name - A new era for our school!

independence day.jpg

Happy Independence Day! This day not only marks the celebration of our country’s independence, it also introduces an exciting new era for our school. First Christian School has operated as a ministry of First Christian Church of Napa since our inception in August 1998. The church has acted as our “parent” for the past 19 years, and now we are ready to graduate into an independent institution, as God calls us into our future.

Therefore, we begin our 20th year as a multi-campus independent Christian school. Preschool through 5th grade programs will remain on the First Christian Church campus, now referred to as the South Campus. Middle School, 6th-8th grade, will move to the Grace Church campus, now referred to as the North Campus.

With this new era comes a new name. The reason for the name change is to create a community school system that is supported by a network of Christian churches, verses just one church. I’m thrilled to announce that new school name will be Veritas Christian Academy. Veritas is Latin for truth. Teaching truth, God’s truth, is the core of our school mission. We have also created a new 501(c)(3) corporation to manage all business operations related to the school. This corporation has been named Napa Valley Christian Education Group. The corporate name allows us to grow as God leads us into a bright educational future.