Mosquito facts

Hello families,

Have you noticed a rise in biting mosquitoes recently? The Napa Valley Register printed a story about what's going on; read it here.

Here are a few mosquito facts for our students, parents and members of the community who use school playing fields.

  1. The salt marsh mosquito does NOT carry West Nile virus or any other disease. The bite can be painful and leave a welt.
  2. Salt marsh mosquitoes breed in tidal marsh water, not fresh water, so standing water on campus or irrigated school fields are not a source of the mosquitoes.
  3. This is an unusual event, and the Mosquito Abatement District expects the hatch to be over soon.

Neither mowing the grass nor reducing irrigation will reduce the number of mosquitoes, so we will not take those steps. State law will not allow us to use insecticides on the school campus. So our best option is to wait until the adult mosquito activity is over.

In the meantime, long pants and long sleeves can help protect your child from mosquito bites. School staff will monitor the situation at each school and will take proper steps to reduce your child’s exposure during the school day, which may include keeping children off of grassy areas or fields, etc. 


Originally posted by NVUSD via ParentSquare 8/30/2018