Scrip - What is it, what can it do for me?


Are you traveling this summer and need gas cards? We have them! Are you going to Disneyland and need Disney $? We have it! Are you working on your house this summer? We have Home Depot cards! Taking the family out to dinner? Come grab gift cards for dinner! Buying uniforms or back to school clothes? We have those gift cards too!

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a fancy name for gift cards.  The school purchases the gift cards at a reduced rate, then sells those same cards at face value.  The “rebate” (or difference between the purchase price and selling price) is how the program makes a profit … and how you earn a tuition discount.  Have you ever seen those racks of gift cards available for purchase in a store? Our scrip gift card program is exactly the same and we sell those same gift cards.

Veritas Christian Academy utilizes scrip to generate additional revenue to support the school budget.  In addition to supporting the budget our school families receive 50% of their overall rebates towards a tuition credit!  You already spend money on gas, groceries and incidentals - purchase the gift card from the school, spend, and earn credit towards tuition. We encourage you to take part in scrip gift card purchasing - you really have nothing to lose by making the effort!

Getting Started With Scrip Gift Cards

  1. For scrip that you need NOW, stop by the school lobby and purchase physical cards out of the 'Scrip to Go Box'.

  2. For scrip that VCA doesn't stock, manually complete an order form (located in the lobby). Orders are placed weekly. Your order will be delivered to the school and we will hold it in the Scrip Box for your pickup.

  3. To view all of the scrip merchants online and shop at your leisure, you can place an order at Please contact the scrip coordinator, Katie Perez, for the enrollment code when you create your online account. Your online order will be delivered to the school and we will hold it in the Scrip Box for your pickup.

  4. ScripNow are online gift cards that are available on To purchase ScripNow, you can connect a bank account to the secure “PrestoPay” option to access gift cards right away while you’re out shopping.

**Scrip orders are not returnable, changeable or cancellable once submitted.

Other Methods of Earning Rebates

In addition to buying Scrip gift cards, there are additional methods of earning scrip rebates.  Please note the earnings from the methods listed below are normally not as profitable as purchasing scrip gift cards.

  • eScrip

eScrip is a partnership between online merchants and our school. When you shop at participating merchants, they donate a percentage of your purchase back to the school and the proceeds will go towards your scrip earnings. Register all phone numbers used for grocery loyalty programs, your credit and debit cards, at (our school group number is 155347479). Once registered, use your debit/credit card at participating local merchants as normal.

eScrip also gives back through ONLINE Shopping Mall purchases.  Once you have registered your credit cards, use eScrip website to launch into the Online Shopping Mall.  There are over 1000+ stores such as Amazon, Nordstrom, Apple, Expedia, Sephora.  Please note eScrip can take up to 3 months to post contributions. 

  • Lucky Shares

Lucky S.H.A.R.E.S. contributes 3% of qualifying purchases.  Simply register online at You must also have your phone number registered on eScrip (instructions above) as this is how Lucky’s reports earned rebates.