Welcome Wednesdays

FCS is launching Welcome Wednesdays! Families who are interested in learning more about joining the FCS family can join us February 7th, 21st, March 7th or 21st. Come and experience the FCS community through chapel, conversation and classroom tours.

9:00am Chapel in the Worship Center

9:30am Parent to Parent coffee and mingle in the Activity Center with current FCS Parents

10:00am Campus tours with Renee VanMaren (Preschool) or Dawnelle Ellis (Elementary/Middle School)

If you know anyone who is interested in joining us for Welcome Wednesdays, please have them call 707-253-7226 and register HERE.

First Christian School Christmas Programs and Giving Opportunities

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and there is much in store for First Christian School this December!  Below is a brief outline of planned activities, so be sure to mark your calendars. We will be in touch with more specifics on each program in the coming days and weeks. Keep an eye on your email inboxes, the FCS Blog and the FCS Parents Facebook page for additional information.

2017 Christmas Events

Preschool Christmas Program – Come to the Stable

When: Wednesday, December 6th

Where: Worship Center

What Time: 4:00pm

What it’s All About:

Enjoy our adorable Preschoolers as they get their country on this Christmas! Share the story of how Jesus our Savior was born to us in a stable. We’ve got Shepherds, we’ve got Angels, we’ve got Magi…and Preschoolers aplenty! Children are encouraged to dress in plaid shirts and jeans or jean skirts. Boots are not required, so no need to make a special purchase. Also, hats are not required for the stage. Any hats worn during the day will remain in the classroom. Words of wisdom: We highly recommend that you not overdress your child in tight clothing or heavy shirts. The stage will be hot, and your child won’t be happy.  We also recommend that your child tests out the clothes the night before the program, so they’re comfortable in the outfit.  Being on stage and under the lights is a whole new experience if a child is uncomfortable! Also, if you have any lamb or sheep stuffed animals, we’d love to use them as props.  We need a “herd” of about fifteen, which will of course be returned if requested. For more information, please email renee@fccnapa.org. Come on down y’all!

Grandparents/Friends Day – It’s A Family Thing

When: Thursday, December 7th

Where: Activity Center and Worship Center

What Time: Preschool Brunch 10:00am; K-8 lunch 12:00pm

What it’s All About:

This is an opportunity for your kids to celebrate the special people in their extended family: grandparents, aunts, uncles and/or other adult friends. A light brunch will be served for Preschoolers and their guests at 10:00am in the Activity Center.  Lunch will be served for K-8 Students and their guests at 12:00pm in the Activity Center. Everyone is invited to a special “dress rehearsal” preview of the K-8 “Christmas Shoe Tree” Program at 1:00pm in the Worship Center. Please RSVP HERE by 12/1/2017. Space for Brunch and Lunch is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Once we reach capacity, we will not be able to accept additional participants. The 1:00pm preview is open to all grandparents and special friends ONLY.

K-8 Christmas Program – The Christmas Shoe Tree

When: Friday, December 8th

Where: Worship Center

What Time: 7:00pm

What it’s All About:

“The Christmas Shoe Tree” musical program was created specifically for churches and schools. The story is about a family of siblings who own a Christmas tree farm. Each year, the siblings collect shoe donations that get placed onto the Christmas trees as decorations, and then donate them to people in need. The musical centers on a school field trip to the Christmas Shoe Tree farm. It is an inspiring story about how a community can come together in a unique and powerful way to truly make a difference…one pair of shoes at a time. This holiday musical is lots of fun, with colorful characters and excellent music. See below for a special giving opportunity tied to the message of this musical. For more information, please email katie@fccnapa.org.

2017 Christmas Giving Program – Family to Family

This year, First Christian School will partner with First Christian Church and the Napa Salvation Army to support 30-40 families directly or indirectly affected by the recent fires. The Salvation Army is already actively supporting these families, and the First Christian community will join in this unique “Family to Family” effort. FCS families will be asked to purchase $25 gift cards from Payless Shoe Source and/or Famous Footwear to go toward the program. These gift cards will be combined with similar gift cards (from other retailers) donated by the FCC community. 100% of these donations will go directly to the affected families. The giving period for FCS families will begin on Monday, November 20th and end on Friday, December 8th.  We will also provide an extended giving period for families who wish to present gift cards following the K-8 Christmas Program on December 8th.  Gift cards collected between December 11th and December 15th will be presented to the Napa Salvation Army to go toward their broader outreach efforts. We encourage everyone to share the love and generosity of Jesus through this special giving program. For more information, please email katie@fccnapa.org.

So Much to Be Grateful For

It has been wonderful to experience the sights and sounds of school being back in session following two weeks of uncertainty related to the recent fires.  While we are grateful that the FCS family was largely unaffected by the fires, some of us did experience damage and evacuations.  These events were a somber reminder of what really matters in our lives. Our prayers of thanksgiving are matched by prayers for hope, resources and recovery for all of those directly affected. 

We are also thankful for the immediate and ongoing actions of the many response teams who came from near and far to help our community and surrounding region. Many of these heroes are very close to us, and our love and appreciation for them cannot be fully expressed in a simple blog post.  We will have the opportunity to thank many First Responders directly during Chapel on Wednesday, November 8th, from 8:30-9:00am. Many of our local First Responders will be in attendance, and we encourage everyone to come and express gratitude.

We would also like to express our appreciation to FCS parents and staff for their patience and understanding during a very uncertain time.  We know that schedules were thrown into disarray, and are grateful for the many people and businesses who stepped in to help keep our children safe, active and entertained during the school closure period.  We also appreciate our parents’ collective understanding as we cancelled parent/teacher conferences to give us extra school time this year.  Progress reports were put in parent boxes last week, so please check your family box in the Front Office if you haven’t received these reports.

As things get somewhat back to normal, we will be in touch regarding upcoming events. This includes the re-scheduled State of the School meeting on Wednesday, November 8th at 6:30pm, Christmas programs and special giving opportunities related to local relief efforts.

On a happy note, we released a new school video this past week. This is a wonderful example of what we've all come to love about First Christian School, and we encourage you to share it with as many people as possible.

Thanks again for your prayers, patience and partnership.

Servant Leadership in Action!

One of our expected student outcomes at First Christian School is that our students would graduate from 8th grade as Servant Leaders. Throughout the school year we offer several opportunities for our students to serve their fellow students, FCS Staff, parents, the FCC community and the community of Napa. We wanted to take a few moments to highlight some of the ways our students have served.


We are so excited for the 2017 Jog-a-Thon happening this Friday, March 3rd! Each class has been assigned a "class color" to wear for the event! Make sure your student shows their class pride by wearing their class color. Make sure your students are out collecting pledges! We have some great prizes this year!

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education is a simple and no additional cost way for your family to support our school! Many of the products you already purchase for your home contain box top coupons! Each one of these coupons brings in a minimum of $0.10 for our school when they are redeemed! We recently received a check for $244.70 from the Box Tops for Education Foundation for the coupons that our families have submitted! This easy to navigate program brings in real dollars to our school!